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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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huge difference the equality quality of the program he went to some schools an elementary and middle school and was able to get it programming free due to grounds on true dcwf in high school he did out of sight affirmative became his friend and started the workforce program and high school is a challenge time for our family there were times he didn't get do school and living with his father or me and during those times show up for work now out of high school he can maintain a job i've seen it's impact and during those chavrj times we got assess services through the
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huckleberry house and those were powerful for our family and first hand i saw times we tried to get services and referrals explicit come through fast enough at horizon seeing the impact of the accessibility with my daughters that are twins right now they're at monroe elementary school in the subsidized care that makes that incredibly so much easier to work and professionally i worked anothers street side stories i offer say after-school programs and in visitacion valley was able to see the type of quality services in access and community needs in those regions i worked at grades schools where i
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focused on how to engage patterns using technology platforms and their children's education so that really helped me to get a lens e lens of this is quality but what it means for parents and how to access it so be an honor to serve on this committee in terms of my professional experience and my perm experience just as a parent in san francisco for me, the most important things to look at the assess for families so anytime we design the programming it is down to the most vulnerable populations how they can access them and holding a light on quality what is quality and how can we set that bar for quality in the most impacted community and looking at the impact how to capture it and the easiest way to capture
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impact is not the most successful in telling the story of what makes the quality program and here in san francisco an opportunity to really headlight those practices and also share those best practices potentially beyond thank you. >> thank you very much this is i actually visited hillcrest we're talking about the challenge of families on the waiting list for childcare that was how we roved it by monroe had greater assess for after-school program. >> tussling the fact that opened up for my son a decade ago and i moved into the san francisco community because that seemed like a better match and my daughters i wanted things for them but 12 fortunately by the
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time they expanded and i oversaw programs anothers hillcrest and there's a lot of growth in the school and sxoovpz where young people have access to the summer programs i see the site has respond to the need and i see that throughout you know that region and i mean it is huge for parents i mean - yeah. >> both my kids are in the after-school programs thank you are you currently the co-deputy director. >> no, i left that position 6 years ago and from there respect to grade schools and recently transitions out now in a job search. >> part of a staff organizations by dcwf. >> not on the staff currently. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> next up marie waters.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors thank you very much for the opportunity to speak my name is maria i have three children that attend the elementary school one of whom what was the general education two in the chinese program i've been a resident for the last four years and part of community my passion lies in developing community and being a part of everything that o m i and city attorney san francisco has to over certainly i don't have 20 years of experience but a history of finance before discovering any passion is working with the community i decided to go back to school and finished my work at san francisco state university and during that time my kids engaged
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in the after-school programs a welcome ymca program that was partially subsidized critical to me finishing my education i've been involved that the pta and was elected to the board of directors of i'm ending my term this year one of the parts of community having children in the emerge program 50 percent of the kids in my children's classes don't speak english we've walked through 3 bomb flaets in our school and learned how to support not only the child that needs the extra support but to support the other 2 hundred and 99 kids as we go through this what a child if i were to be appointed to the committee really i think be a great honor
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tremendous unification over the passing of prop c and the voices loud and clear that san franciscans are ready to stand behind the children to raise the bar on the short time and long term outcomes creating rich - await extreme financial burdens is critical to the health of the san francisco families and our city as an example an average week of summer camp for kid is about 3 heed dollars 3 kid is $900 per week is is worth working and what kinds of things like transportation is there other charges that brings you tend of the workday and the committee is a platform to highlight 9 success that are
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changing the lives of the youth and be a part of the san francisco of the future i think it is important for this committee to really also not just raise questions how can we do better but transmit the message how can we do better and continue the engagement in the last election cycle is how it is passionate to our youth and anything voters are ready to put your money where your mouth is it speaks well and obviously kids are coming out of shell not expected to be part of the workforce are they going to have to move out because their parents can't live here it is an honor and privilege to serving the combination of the social work and education and work with the nonprofits and being a family of an underserved in a
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low income community makes me a commitment to serve. >> any questions from the committee. >> thank you very much. we'll go on to the next seat seat number 9 and anwar. >> hello good morning, supervisors my name is anwar i'm a parent of 2 children a 3-year-old and 5-year-old that attend the preschool in the southeast area of san francisco the bayview hunters point area i'm a suitable candidate because i've been in the bayview hunters point for the past 6 years i've been active in any children's school and the community for the past 4 years and due to my 3
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years participation of policy council would make decisions and shaping policy i he was the chair the family committee for 4 years as a member and chair of both committees an advocate for the improvement to the whole families atmosphere and interaction i'm also studying child development to help to be a preschool teacher my personal philosophy the children are our future we have to lay a stable foundation and morph my 3 years old in preschool thank you for giving me this opportunity to have a voice to make changes. >> thank you very much
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okay. no questions from the panel we'll go on to the next seat which is seat number ten and first that will be molly woods. >> she'll not in be in attendance. >> after that that patricia segal. >> patricia segal just in time. >> (laughter). >> you want to take a second to collect our thoughts or - >> >> hi, good morning i'm pleased to be here thanks to much for your thank you for your time and consideration i'm honored to return hoping
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opposing to a role helping to guides children in the service in san francisco for the last 40 years i've been a pioneer advocating for all types of children and family services i was the founder of the children switchboard known as the children council in 1972 i had 3 young children that needs childcare i b have been a resident of the district 5 since 1968 a purchasing and raised my children that attend the public schools and now have grandchildren and childcare in the service at city hall so pleased to have those connections what i think i will bring to this commission in i was
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appointed a long passion for the children in san francisco that nations more challenges than ever i believe my externals in organizing the childcare switchboard will state the first of now a statewide network of the agencies will be helpful i learned a lot in the 9 years i served there about the diversity of families in san francisco and i'm readies proud one of the chipgz i accomplished to change an unjust regulations believe it or not in 1974 if you didn't speak english you couldn't get licensed as a childcare how surprised was ii had a federal grant only to find out that the chinese and spanish speaking
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residents in hunters point and western edition where we wanted to do the neighborhood training couldn't get a license if they didn't speak english we changed the law that's the kind of advocacy and passion i'll bring parents need our support and we need to look at how we bring services to all young families and all types of providers throughout san francisco and not just young single families families someone children that grew up and went through the public schools when they go through the high school 33 the challenges don't stop i was a proud appointee of the very first state commission for prop 10 i was appointed by then antonio i learn about the complexities of commission work
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and the oversight robot and listening i traveled all over the state to hear the needs of the community and citizens i learned the art of compromise how important it is to be able to weigh all types of needs and to come as someone who has a lot of responsibility from making public policy to good decisions i think that kind of experience will really help me and help san francisco should i be appointed to the commission but most of all it is my continuing passion for children and families in san francisco that will be helpful i think that statewide experience i bring because following my first 9 years as the director of the children's council i then went on to be a director the statewide program and i did that
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job for 3 two years i'm long and loyal but my roots are here in san francisco i'm proud to say i was one of the first people in the mayor's office of ancestry through the latest george moscone's and hopefully finally when they became mayor, i am now retired from the job i have the opportunity to give back my time and energy to the city and i'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have it would be my honor and privilege to serve you. >> thank you thank you for a very con kindsly explaining our career and explaining the law changes to be have it in my
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their native tongues is a wide shared moment we've seen daycare providers packages or languages other than english it actually helps young kids to be con veteran's. >> my grandchild my do you only is resilient their growing up bilingually how important it is to have the language that they're most comfortable with this was the goal of the training i'm proud the children's council is continuing i know i speak french fluently but i learned that in english i understand french and speak spanish but learner best in my native tongue when things get fast and complicated we need to reach out to our parents we're
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an incredible diversifies city and need to make sure the services that we're offering that the wonderful friends and by the way i imhaving statewide and at the national level every penny of money wore blessed to have in this city is a treasure not true in every other community i can bring the prospective boarder than san francisco we can become ingrown and sometimes to know the models and practices what's happening in the rest of the state and country that might help us do a better job. >> thank you as much as the appropriate question are you considered by the mayor for this seat. >> i've submitted my application everywhere it is an opportunity so, yes, i did and
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have not heard from him. >> just a you might be curious to know i was at a meeting there was a daycare who was being evicted it's common for a lot of daycare providers to be losing their homes and their businesses which effects not only the providers but those seeking childcare is a problem. >> it's a huge problem actually my last year at the network in 2011 we partnered with the national housing law center to do a whole look at the impact of childcare of the great recession and people losing their homes to foreclosure i'll be happy to make that report available we have to look at it from a variety of perspectives
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and realize when we lose housing and we're not just losing it for the purpose that lived there in terms of family childcare is a major source of care for toddlers and children we have a network only 5 percent of licenses are available for children to 2 how blessed i am he's in childcare because if i do you only is an assistant teacher it's not only the providers but in the great women like daughter-in-law and i'll make a plug i hope everyone in the room will urge governor jerry brown to help we need that kind of advocacy that i never loss an opportunity to you know.
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>> take part in. >> you did here to thank you very much. we'll go on to the next applicant. >> thank you very much. >> okay actually, i read my notes wrong so margaret was going to have ingrid speak on her behalf is ingrid still here? no. we'll go on to rob >> hi dear supervisors thank you for considering me for the ancestry oversight committee i'm incredibly enthusiastic how to make sure that all young people in san francisco have the opportunity to pursue the lives they want 17 years i co-founded
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the cross across the board roads we provides kwouth with the upcoming continental support to move beyond the streets we see any - we prioritize the harder to reach and the clients are the definition of underserved 99 percent are courtyard and 5060 percent have mentally ills we want to strive here 15 percent are african-american and 15 percent hispanic and in addition to working with teens and people in the early 20s we work with their children as well homeless youth is my passion i've been working with them for 21 years it is the singled biggest privilege in my life we've worked with 17 thousand youth with a plus million dollars budget and hundred percent
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privately funded we're not taking support from this department and in our 17 years we've never kicked out a single client and not given up i'm wanting to make sure that san francisco never gives up on any children to give them go health and stable - new nephew and kin attend the elementary school i love them more than anything i've seen the challenges that my brother and sister-in-law i hope to raise our future children in san francisco i work and i am an advocate for all the young people i'm passionate about working with others to prove prosecute improve the quality of life i was a member of the
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steering committee and now the co-chair the network i love being a part of a group working together for a common cause we know it can be challenging i want to make sure there is inclusive based process to inform and guide the priorities it is essential to have transparency around how money is spent on the city's youth i'll bring experience and strategic planning i lived in san francisco so for the last 18 years and love this city displacement right now is threatening our vital and our values and we have to doing every thing we can to prevent the out glow of exist to make sure that all classes and by assuring it is a thriving option for the families and youth it would be an honor
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to serve i'll do with passion and integrity thank you for considering my application. >> thank you very much no other questions from the panel appreciate our interest in serving and the service you've been involved in. >> great. >> i have letters i want to submit i've e-mail address them. >> supervisor wiener. >> yeah. thank you for your service you've done amazing work i've curious how the children's fund expands to make sure that happens as much as possible is where he so many unmet needs in terms of transitioning. >> up think people think the expansion will be a fantasy and every k service will be funded i'm sure you're aware of tha there will be more needs than funding more processes that have
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happened over the last few years they do an expansion service they pay all the members the community and came up with a comprehensive set recommendations the co-chair we came up with recommendations for immediate priorities that should be implemented that identify gaps that are not currently being met it is essential for the continues the transition youth and the providers i agree with the woman that spoke last reaching out for ideas that are effective in other mroos place is effective but we know there are ideas that work don't have the infrastructure and that's so excited about the children's fund being expanding for a long
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time they had a second class status now there is a pot of money there is an opportunity with vision and thoughtfulness and planning one of the things i'm exist to bring our program focues on kids that have been kicked out of another programs at the same time, we service with other programs their kids never get addressed because they're not engaged in traditional services the only service they get is the jails to be able to bring their voice into this process and be able to represent some of the things over the last 18 years they've identified things that have made a difference that's what i'm excited about. >> just a followup yes. i used to work with k youth 2025 years
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ago there was a few places youth can find housing the gerrero house had a program i'm not sure what is available now are there anything for those levels we have currently. >> what happened was the finding under newsom recommended 4 hundred affordable units for transition youth in 2007 and 8 there were roughly a hundred units of housing valuable for the population we were thrilled that the mayor's office of housing picked up that recommendation part of the task force that figured house to implement as far 2 hundred units of housing right now the mayor's office of housing is taking a pause and evaluating the process which our organization is involved in before they create the next 2 hundred units 3
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places have come up edwards and housing and 11 hundred ocean it was actually an amazing opportunity to get young people housed we've seen a couple of things one is that there's no shortage of young people that need the housing we're a director and all provider for each kid we place thirty to 40 kids that needed housing the need is overwhelming, however the restrictions that are set up by fund guidelines or other bureaucratic needs made it difficult for the kids to assess and maintain the housing we're curiosity trying to figure out how to best meet the needs of kids it's been amazing on one hand and on the other hand a lot of room for improvement. >> not for the children's fund
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but having someone on the committee i understand the relationship too the housing and the service of needs would be great. >> it's essentially we did our last newsletter and focused on the clients trying to get housing just hearing their interviews and talk about the unbelievable frustration they've extensions because of you know it is hard for any 22-year-old to get housing unless you're on facebook and making hundred and $50,000 a year i remember when i was looking at housing landlord wonder are you going to party or make payments if you're a kid that as a criminal record poor credit it becomes almost impossible so it is wonderful that the city has made